How to become a top rated store seller-Googie store

Hello guys how are you?

Hope fully fine and sound with great health and good mind.

Today I will share some tips and tricks about high rating store and how to become a top rated seller.

You can make this with great knowledge and hard work.

The hard work is very necessary because if you want to do some big things in your life and want to make a history.

You need to work hard,


Good knowledge.

So here I will share some tips and tricks about perfect store.

What is online store?

Online store is a place where you can shop and buy things with facilities of home delivery.

You can buy anything and you can pay via you electrical payment system.

This is very good for the persons with busy schedule.

You can search your favorite store on Google and also you can search for your favorite product.

Things necessary for Online store:

Before starting an online store you need a domain and hosting to make a setup.

This is the first and basic setup for creating an online store.

After that you need to find a good theme for you store and you can choose paid themes from Theme Forest (This is not advertising and sponsoring of the products).

After successfully setup of website and theme now you need something professional for the Contents and search engine optimization of the store.

Content structure and Quality:

Content should be well written and well-structured for the store.

You need to give this job to someone professional and someone who is expert in writing about the products and give honest review and analysis of the products.

The content should be well optimized with targeted keyword and the optimization should be done by expert in search engine optimization.

Product Listing and Reviews:

Product listing is a very important job and you have to do it with great care and expertise.

You need to make the review very honestly this is very necessary to do this work.

The products keyword should be optimized and very necessary to make it in good shape and line.

You need good search engine optimization expert and good content writer.

Content is the king and the king will always win.

Your content can give you a big boost.

So this was some points on how to become a top rated store seller and with the help of this post you can make a beautiful store.

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